Project and Contract Management


We are experienced construction professionals able to offer a complete service for any construction project, our commercial awareness allows us to evaluate and assist in assessing the viability of a project from initial cost estimation, through supplier and contractor procurement, project cost control, risk assessment, management of the construction process through to handover to the client. 

Cost Assessment

It is very important to assess the viability of a construction project at the initial stages, our wealth of experience in cost estimating allows us to produce cost estimates of a project to allow informed judgements to be taken over the viability of a project.


Risk Analysis

We can assist clients with balancing the contingencies of risk with specific contractual, financial, operational, organizational and political requirements. By identifying potential risks during the pre-execution phase, we assist our clients in preventing increased costs, delays and disruptions. Our risk analysis and management process entails identifying construction risks and exposures, and formulating an effective risk management strategy to mitigate the potential for loss. We can help clients identify and manage risk throughout the engineering and construction process from planning through completion.

Project Cost Reporting and Control

Keeping control of costs on a project is important for predicting cash flows for stakeholders within the project, we are able to offer project cost control and estimating throughout the construction process, ensuring your contract is meeting budgets and allowing you to predict cash flow requirements for financiers.


Contractor and Supplier Procurement

Using the correct suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors is vitally important to the construction process, we are able to source cost effective solutions to the procurement process, including suitable contractor selection, contract negotiation and valuation and cost control of suppliers and contractors.