Contract Advice and Preparation


Contract Preparation for Employers, Main Contractors and Developers

Getting the contract right is very important for the smooth running of any construction project. We are skilled at preparing contracts based on the nature of a construction project and the particular requirements of a client.

Most contracts are based on 'Standard Forms' utlilised in the construction industry, we can provide 'tailored' amendments to suit a particular project or even write a contract to a clients requirements.We can provide ongoing updates to any tailored on wholly prepared contract based on updated legislation, ensuring protection of a clients contractual position.

We are able to offer ongoing advice during the period of the contract, ensuring our clients obligations are fully met throughout the process.

We are experienced in both the Construction process and the law of contract, allowing us to provide a knowledgeable and concise service to our clients.

Pre- Contract and Contract Advice for Contractors and Sub Contractors

Many contractors do not read or do not understand the contracts under which they hope to be paid for their work.

We can review contracts before work commences and provide a short report identifying “problem clauses” and suggest alternative clauses.

During the course of the works we can advise on problems that arise on site and advise what remedies may be available under the contract, in particular:

  • Notices of withholding/Pay Less Notices
  • Notices to suspend works
  • Termination notices
  • Notices of disruption on site
  • Delay notices

Employers and main contractors are increasingly relying on the strict interpretations of contracts when dealing with sub contractors, it is important that sub contractors obtain advice and comply with their contractual obligations if they are not to lose their rights under their contracts.